Clemedi Update Q3 2022

Clemedi Update Q3 2022

Dear investors, partners, supporters and friends,

during this quarter we started our transition from a research organisation towards a sales organisation. After the successful certification of our tuberculosis product last quarter we are now focussing our efforts on marketing and sales.


We are actively raising funds to finance our market entry in Europe and India as well as expanding the scope of our active tuberculosis product to latent tuberculosis. Interested investors please contact our CEO or refer to our investor page.

Business Development

After certification of our assay for tuberculosis in Europe we started marketing activities. It has always been our goal to enter the Indian market as quickly as possible as we project most of our revenues from this market. Therefore, with the gracious support of Swissnex, we have travelled to India this quarter. We visited Bangaluru, Hyderabad and Mumbai to meet with doctors, laboratories, clinical research organisations and incubators. The trip was a great success with 6 solid leads interested in Tuberculini. You can find some impressions from our trip below.

Clemedi will be present at MEDICA in Düsseldorf this year as part of the Swiss pavillon. Come see us in Hall12/E53. We are looking for distributors in Europe, India and Pakistan as well as contacts to laboratories.

Company Development

We have extended our board of directors by including experience in corporate governance and market entry. This is part of our efforts to professionalise our company. Please provide a very warm welcome to Manuela Schneider joining our board this quarter. She brings her experience on market entry strateegies from pharmaceutics. We also could obtain the support of Reinhard Stary who has much experience in corporate governance and is a board member on many startups and scale-ups. Together we will accelerate our success.

Product development

We are currently bringing the Innosuisse innovation project to a close together with our partners at the University of Bern. This includes preparing four publications about our product which will provide external evidence of the performance and support future marketing efforts.

In parallel we are generating proof of concept data for the next product iterations. This includes extending the scope of our tuberculosis assay to include the diagnosis of latent tuberculosis. Latent tuberculosis is a form of tuberculosis where the patient does not show any symptoms and the disease is dormant but can be reactivated any time the immune system is challenged. It is expected that about 25% of the world population is infected with latent tuberculosis. For this reason it is mandatory to diagnose every patient that undergoes immune suppressive therapy e.g. during chemotherapy or organ transplantation. Current diagnostics interrogate the immune memory for a previous infection with tuberculosis and are limited in that they do not directly detect dormant mycobacteria. Our assay can actually detect the mycobacteria dormant in white blood cells and provide a detailed overview on drug-resistance that will help target the necessary eradication therapy. This is extremely relevant for high-income markets and we are excited to have in-licensed the required IP from the Max-Planck Society and start developing this assay.