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Clemedi is a Swiss company based in Zurich.

We develop diagnostics for infectious diseases by combining DNA sequencing and smart software.

We sell reagents and software for use in laboratories. Our products currently include a test for tuberculosis.

What makes us unique

We analyse more resistance markers than any other test on the market. Combined with our algorithms we can predict antibiotic susceptibiltiy as well as bacterial culture whilst being much faster.

(1) Extract DNA from the patient sample

(2) Amplifiy regions associated with drug resistance using highly multiplex PCR

(3) Sequence amplicons using Iontorrent S5 platform

(4) Analyse sequencing data with smart software to generate a report

(5) Report includes pathogen causing the disease as well as a full drug-susceptibility table

Our Vision/Mission

Antimicrobial resistance is the next pandemic. It is driven by the current misuse and overuse of antibiotics. By providing targeted diagnostics we help ensure antibiotics are only prescribed when they actually work, reducing antibiotic consumption and the spread of further resistance.

Our product portfolio


Tubcerculini, our assay for the detection of drug-resistant tuberculosis provides lineage determination and resistance testing to 12 antibiotics, directly from a patient sputim sample in 48 hours.

Future indications

Sexually transmitted infections, in particular infections from Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Mycoplasma genitalium are becoming increasingly dru resistant. This is also why they are part of the WHO critical pathogen list.

Hospital acquired infections are also a particular burden, including ventilator associated pneumonia and surgical site infections.

Clemedi can deliver value in both cases by providing detailed information of drug resistance and enabling the optimal therapy for each patient.

For laboratories and distributors

If you are interested in buying or distributing our products please get in touch with Dr. Sebastian Dümcke.

For investors

Clemedi is a startup company developing an innovative best-in-class platform to diagnose infectious diseases without bacterial culture. We are currently raising CHF 4 million to finance our market entry and expension into the next product lines. Please find more details in our one-page company presentation.

Interested investors should reach out to Niko Fischer-Wasels.