Investment opportunity

Clemedi: the investment opportunity

Clemedi provides complete information to clinicians when most needed; early. When we say complete, we mean it can identify the disease-causing pathogen and determine the complete antibiotic resistance profile. Only this enables choosing the optimal antibiotic therapy. 

Clemedi is a management platform for infectious diseases

The technology Clemedi has created transforms simple diagnosis into comprehensive disease management. 

Management Platform: This is different from a simple diagnostic because it encompasses all of the following:

  • The optimal antibiotic choice
  • Quantification of pathogen, meaning the monitoring of disease’s progression and treatment success
  • An outbreak detection capability
  • It is a fully automated one-stop shop, i.e. it replaces all pre-existing tests

Clemedi exists because certain attributes of infectious diseases are defeating medicine:

  • Each infectious disease has its own life cycle
  • Clinical interventions define patient outcomes
  • Sub-optimal interventions create negative consequences that grow over time
  • Information available at the time of decision determines success of intervention

Clemedi is the paradigm change

It produces reliable diagnoses at high speed, stopping the spiralling of negative consequences at source. This translates into the saving of millions of  lives. Reliable means our algorithms for TB have a sensitivity and specificity >90-95%. This fulfils criteria set by WHO

Putting a reliable monetary value on Clemedi’s potential is difficult. By way of a pointer, it bites into direct and indirect costs of infectious diseases to patients, families, carers and society amounting to 10s of billions of USD per year.

It will revolutionise diagnostics and ultimately facilitate the end of antibiotic misuse. How? Accurate diagnosis leads to less antibiotic misuse, leads to less resistance. We all win. 

How is Clemedi revolutionary?

It achieves two things at the same time for the first time: Comprehensiveness and Speed

Without Clemedi, these are opposing forces; more of one means less of the other. And this means poor diagnoses, suboptimal therapies and bad patient outcomes

Combining next-generation sequencing and AI, Clemedi has resolved this paradox and produced a giant step forward: Comprehensive diagnoses done at speed. Since wrong antibiotics given early make diseases harder to treat, but procrastination is not acceptable, Clemedi has removed the need to culture bacteria

Clemedi is a journey

Phase I: Tuberculosis

Clemedi’s speed creates by far the biggest competitive advantage in the field of Tuberculosis. The test renders results enabling a reliable therapy decision in less than 24 hours. Other testing of comparable quality takes weeks.

Ineffective or partially effective treatments are stalling efforts to eradicate TB. Annual infections worldwide amount to 10 million, of which 1.5 million are fatal. And, whilst this number is slowly declining, there is an internal dynamic that sees the number of drug resistant cases rising, meaning that without improved diagnostics the situation will worsen not improve

Phase II: Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and hospital acquired infections (HAIs)

Clemedi product development to date has seen massive improvement in speed. From 48 hours, we are now below 24 and progressing. Over the next phase reduction in time to results will give Clemedi leverage similar to that in TB in STIs and HAIs. This will be achieved with a time to results of under 8 hours in upcoming product lines. The next phases have been chosen for their aggregate market attractiveness.

Apart from market size they will see the commercial focus expanded to high-income countries:

  • More than 1 million STIs are acquired every day worldwide.
  • 1 million patients are affected by HAI annually in the EU alone, of whom 37.000 die.
    • Economic impact is estimated at around EUR 7 billion.
  • These effects extend past a single generation:
    • 988 000 pregnant women were infected with syphilis in 2016, resulting in over 350.000 adverse birth outcomes including 200.000 stillbirths and new-born deaths.

Disease management: the broader potential. Applied in these scenarios, disease management acquires greater meaning: the technology and algorithms can be set up to detect outbreaks in hospitals at source. The Clemedi platform signals an outbreak when two patients have the same bacteria, something that previously required painstaking detective work after the fact.

Clemedi is a platform: flexible and widely applicable. It is a great investment for two reasons:

  • Demand is urgent

The diagnosis of infectious diseases is based on a 200-year-old technology. It is labour intensive and prone to human error. But most critically, it is slow and the costs of infectious diseases multiply exponentially with time

  • Demand is massive

Sexually Transmitted Infections, Hospital Acquired Infections and Tuberculosis affect over 500 million people annually worldwide. The combined costs amount to USD 25 with 9 zeros
By moving away from culture-based diagnosis, it is possible to provide clinicians with secure and comprehensive diagnoses quickly.

Phase III: Ending antibiotic misuse

The culmination of Clemedi’s product development journey is greater than the first two phases put together. It is to contribute a technology that will help eradicate the misuse of antibiotics worldwide. We believe in the One Health approach. For this reason we want to extend the application of Clemedi beyond bacteria into viruses, fungi, animals, and the environment.

This is part of a single goal: reducing global antibiotic resistance by 50%.


Join us on our journey. Please contact our CEO Dr. Sebastian Dümcke: