About us

Mission – Give the right antibiotic!

At Clemedi we develop in vitro diagnostic tests for infectious diseases, by combining molecular testing with software.

We will contribute to limiting deaths caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria, projected to reach 10 million annually in 2050! Our diagnostic tests support doctors’ decision-making by enabling him or her to give a timely and personalized antibiotic therapy. Ultimately, patients suffering from infectious diseases will benefit with our product.

Problem: Antimicrobial resistance

Today multidrug resistant infections cause over a 700,000 deaths in addition to the 1.7 million caused by Tuberculosis. Based on the trends in rise of resistance to current antibiotics and slow pace of discovery of new antibiotics, its predicted that we are entering a post antibiotic era where simple infections can become as deadly as in the time prior to the discovery of antibiotics in 1928.

Our Solution:

Clemedi is developing in vitro molecular diagnostic test kits and software to diagnose drug resistant infections directly from patient samples, within 24 hours.


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