We combine next-generation sequencing and machine learning algorithms to develop novel diagnostic solutions for infectious diseases.

Rise in antimicrobial resistance is an emerging threat which can be tackled by discovering new antibiotics and by using antibiotics optimally by targeted therapy. Currently infectious disease diagnostics are based on culture, microscopy and sometimes by identifying a few genetic markers. We are developing an in vitro diagnostic platform to diagnose infectious diseases, that tells the clinicians which pathogen is causing the infection and the what antibiotics the infection is susceptible to, thereby enabling personalized antimicrobial therapy within 24 hours.

Our workflow is as follows – the DNA (1) isolated from a patient sample is used as template for our diagnostic test. Our solution includes a kit to amplify (2) the targets of interest from the template DNA and sequence (3) the amplicons. The sequence data is analyzed using our machine learning models (4) that will generate a diagnostic report (5), giving a recommendation to the clinician for an optimal targeted antibiotic therapy. Our diagnostic test will not just rule out the antibiotics that will not work but will be able to recommend the antibiotics that will work. 

Our Products

Clemedi’s software solutions, harness the power of machine learning to bring out the immense value hidden in genetic sequencing data. If you are curious learn more check out our software page.

Clemedi’s in vitro diagnostic test kits provide end to end solutions to diagnose the pathogens causing the infections and predict their susceptibility to antibiotics, directly from the patient sample. For more information check out our upcoming solutions for Tuberculosis and Hospital acquired infections 



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