What it is

Clemedi is a disease management platform

Reality looks like this

Infectious diseases develop along their own, complex paths

Clinical interventions define patient outcome

Poor interventions create negative consequences, which grow over time

Information available at the time of decision determines success of intervention, so what happens if it is not available quickly?

Clemedi is the paradigm shift

Clemedi provides complete information to clinicians when most needed. Early.

It renders comprehensive information more quickly leading to faster, targeted therapy thus creating value.

It will massively reduce the USD 11 digit direct and indirect cost of infectious diseases to patients, families, carers and society

It will revolutionise diagnostics and ultimately facilitate the end of antibiotic misuse

How it works

Clemedi works because…

It achieves two things at the same time for the first time: Comprehensiveness and Speed.

Without Clemedi, these are opposing forces; more of one means less of the other. And this means poor diagnoses, suboptimal therapies and bad patient outcomes

Combining next-generation sequencing and AI, Clemedi has resolved this paradox and produced something a quantum leap: Comprehensive diagnoses done at speed. Because wrong antibiotics given early make diseases harder to treat, Clemedi has replaced the need to culture bacteria

What makes Clemedi unique

Why it exists

Clemedi needs to exist for these reasons:

Demand is urgent

The diagnosis of infectious diseases is based on a 200-year-old technology. It is labour intensive and requires expensive equipment. But most critically, it is slow and the costs of infectious diseases multiply exponentially with time

Demand is massive

Sexually Transmitted Infections, Hospital Acquired Infections and Tuberculosis affect over 500 million people annually worldwide
In USD the combined costs amount to 25 with 9 zeros.
By moving away from culture-based diagnosis, it is possible to provide clinicians with secure and comprehensive diagnoses quickly. 

This is the future, this is Clemedi