We make antibiotic resistance testing faster

The basic techniques of clinical microbiology have barely changed since the days of Robert Koch, the founder of the field. Far too many laboratories and patients rely on out-dated methods of diagnosis, trying to grow pathogens in rows of tubes. This is slow and unreliable, an unacceptable outcome when patient lives are on the line. At Clémedi, we know that there is a better way.

Our value proposition:

For labs:

All samples in one workflow, all automated. Clemedi replaces all you current molecular diagnostic solutions with one automated workflow allowing for 1152 samples per day. Less hands-on time means your technicians can focus on more important tasks.

For doctors:

Clemedi diagnostic can identify all pathogens (even those not cultivable), bacteria and fungi. It also reports about 1000 known antibiotic genes and 20 virulence factors. Clemedi guarantees results within a constant time, making adapting the therapy projectable.

For patients:

Having a faster diagnosis allows your doctor to adapt your antibiotic treatment to a targeted, more effective therapy. Thus you heal faster and suffer less side effects

For the public health sector:

Faster diagnostics help reduce the amount of antibiotics consumed. Antibiotic consumption being the main driving force behind antimicrobial resistance, reducing consumption prevents the spread of further resistance. Faster diagnositc means less future resistance and a better health for the next generation.